Grant Opportunity: 2020 Innovator Awards

The Hydrocephalus Association requests applications for:


Innovator Award Research Focus:

Goal:  To provide seed funding for high-quality, innovative research that potentially improves hydrocephalus treatments and outcomes or changes our understanding of hydrocephalus.

Project Focus: Identifying new mechanisms responsible for the development of the hydrocephalus.

Identifying or testing new therapeutic targets.

Preclinical or clinical testing of new drug therapies and other treatments.

Emphasis will be placed on innovation and potential impact of the project on hydrocephalus research and clinical outcomes. Investigators studying any etiology of hydrocephalus are invited to submit a letter of intent (LOI). There are no restrictions on the age of onset, type, or stage of hydrocephalus that can be studied.

This award will support research in the following areas:

  • hydrocephalus pathogenesis and secondary injury mechanisms (e.g. cellular, molecular, signaling, developmental, and genetic mechanisms).
  • drug target identification.
  • preclinical drug development and testing.
  • preclinical non-surgical interventions.
  • preclinical or clinical medical device testing.*
  • new clinical treatments or interventions. *

*All applicants intending to include human subjects must indicate this in the LOI and will be contacted to determine whether the project falls within the scope of this RFA.

This award will not support:

  • incremental progress of an established research program or project.
  • minor modifications to current treatment approaches.
  • development of new animal, in vivo, or in vitro models (See NIH PA-18-623 for funding opportunities in this area).
  • imaging studies (intervention studies using imaging as an outcome measure are allowed).
  • development or testing of intracranial pressure monitors.
  • development of tools to aid in clinical decision making.
  • development or modification of tools to advance hydrocephalus research (See NIH PA-18-623 for funding opportunities in this area).
  • business plan development.
  • projects with commercial development partners (i.e., participation of for-profit corporation(s)).

Award Details:

This award provides short term seed funding (up to 12 months).

  • The project must be designed to be completed within the 12-month timeline.
  • Proposals must be submitted for actual costs at one of two funding levels, $25,000 or $50,000.
  • Total funding for this award cycle is expected to be $200,000.
  • Preliminary data is not required.
  • The award provides no institutional overhead.

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