Carolyn Harris Ph.D. (Bioengineering)

Position: Assistant Professor Wayne State University
Areas of Interest: General, Bioengineering, Biomarkers
Country: United States

Email: </br>Lab Website:

Areas of Interest: General, Bioengineering, Biomarkers

Research focus:

We focus on bioengineering strategies that could improve treatment. Our lab uses information on how and why shunts fail gained from patient shunt explants, in vivo experiments, and in vitro modeling to develop specific hypothesis-driven improvements to shunt design. In the process, interesting hurdles create additional avenues of research, such as the improvement of standard histochemical techniques for cellular identification on shunts, biomarker analysis, and modifications to clinical care, such as changing shunt insertion patterns, etc. We are also establishing a bank of explanted CSF drainage systems set in our facility (shunts, EVDs) that we expect to grow by at least five centers this year. P.S. Jenna is awesome.

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