Patricia Haylock-Vize, BSc(Hons)Diagnostic Imaging; MBBS Medicine;,
Miss (Dr) Honorary Fellow UCL & Queen Square; Bristol Department of Neurosurgery, England
Email: Lab website:

Areas of Interest: General, Acquired, Bioengineering, Biomarkers, CSF Dynamics, Congenital, Developmental Biology, Genetics, Imaging, NPH, Post Hemorrhagic

Research focus:

I am particularly interested in finding the cause of hydrocephalus.
After having evaluated all the comorbidities, the development, responsiveness or not to intervention, biomarkers, changes in anatomy and CSF flow, symptoms, the evidence points towards several cellular mechanisms that connect all these areas. I wish to explore this link I have found, to establish an explanation for what we are seeing.
Attending the ISH-CSF conferences for two successive years, one thing I notice is that individual groups do focus on specific areas. However, I think the clue lies in linking all this information together and asking what does this all mean as a dynamic observation of disease progression.
We need also to collaborate with our neonatal colleague and paediatric colleagues who attend other conferences. I feel we are missing a link to valuable information that could ultimately save us valuable time and efforts and help to concentrate our focus.