Ramin Eskandari, M.S, M.D,
Assistant Professor Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)
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Areas of Interest: General, Acquired, Bioengineering, Biomarkers, CSF Dynamics, Congenital, Imaging, Post Hemorrhagic

Research focus:

I have recently started my own laboratory at the Medical University of South Carolina, where we are starting to study a very important question, which up to now, has remained a mystery. How do the progenitor cells of the developing brain (those that will go on to make the billions of brain cells needed for normal development) react to the pressures exerted on the brain in neonatal and infantile hydrocephalus? Our goal will be to determine what molecular signals are released when cells are being damaged by high pressure. The implications for the findings of this research are far reaching and will hopefully guide us ever closer to the goal of our lab, which is to FIND A CURE for hydrocephalus!