Jun Zhang, PhD, ScD,
Associate Professor TTUHSC El Paso
Email: Lab website:

Areas of Interest: Biomarkers, Genetics

Research focus:

I believe that I am the one of the first few person joined HANDS long time (still in its primitive form back then) ago to try recruit hydrocephalus patient for our genetic study. Somehow, it seems I lost from this site!

I have been studying the genetic etiology of hydrocephalus for more than a decade. I published the first systematic review on the genetics of hydrocephalus. Then we initiated our genetic study on hydrocephalus on following areas: a). analyzed the cytogenetic anomalies associated with congenital hydrocephalus; b). risk factors of Congenital Hydrocephalus; c). Working with neurosurgeons and neurologists at Johns Hopkins, we identified a new form of hydrocephalus, ETINPH (Essential Tremor-Idiopathic Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus); d). mapped the gene to chromosome 19q12-13.31; e). Our NGS exome-seq data have been completed, NGS analysis will be finished soon; f). pilot project on GWAS of iNPH.