Marco Antonio Zanini, MD, pHD,
Professor Botucatu Medical School, São Paulo State University (UNESP)
Email: Lab website:

Areas of Interest: General, Acquired, CSF Dynamics, Imaging, NPH

Research focus:

The focus of the research aims to develop an experimental model of hydrocephalus-induced inflammatory response of the central nervous system of rats and rabbits to the presence of Taenia crassiceps antigens.
Specific objectives:
– Compare the inflammatory responses induced kaolin and T. crassiceps antigens in the central nervous system;
– Compare the morphological changes induced by hydrocephalus by kaolin and crassiceps T. antigens;
– Compare the immunological mechanisms involved in the inflammatory response of the central nervous system induced by hydrocephalus kaolin and exposed to T. crassiceps antigens;
– Compare radiological aspects of the central nervous system under the hydrocephalus by kaolin and exposure to T. crassiceps antigens.