The Hydrocephalus Association Network for Discovery Science (HANDS) was developed out of discussions from HA and NIH sponsored workshops. HANDS received approval from the Hydrocephalus Association (HA) Board of Directors in 2015. The Network is under the direction of Monica Chau, PhD, HA National Director of Research Programs, and the HA Research Committee led by co-Chairs Tessa Van der Willigen, Paul Gross and David Browdy.

HANDS will be a platform for both communication and collaboration among hydrocephalus basic and translational researchers with a focus on mentorship, innovation, and shared infrastructure to support high quality, high impact research.

By centralizing the hydrocephalus basic and translational research communities, we hope HANDS becomes the point of contact for researchers, both established and new, in the hydrocephalus field. HANDS is not only a place to meet, debate, and develop collaborations but a centralized resource. Databases for research models, therapeutics, biomarkers, and standardized protocols as well as infrastructure that supports multiple hypotheses are being developed.

HA Research Committee

Tessa Van der Willigen, HA Board
David Browdy, HA Board
Paul Gross, HCRN

Diana Gray, HA CEO
Craig Brown, HA Board
Sam Finlayson
Dr. Mark Hamilton, HA Board, AHCRN
Dr. John Kestle, HA Board, HCRN
Barrett O’Connor, HA Board
Dr. Shannon O’Connor
Dr. Marvin Sussman
Dr. Jack Walker, HA Board, Medical Advisory Board
Dr. Michael Williams, HA Board, AHCRN

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