2021 Innovator Award: Full Application

Application Deadline: July 27, 2021 by 5:00 pm ET

Completed applications, including institutional commitment, must be submitted as a single PDF document on July 27, 2021 by 5:00 pm ET. Completed applications should be emailed to research@hydroassoc.org.

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The Full Application components include:
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  • Face Page
    Contact details and other relevant administrative information
  • Budget
    Proposal Budget
  • Biosketch
    Biographical sketches are required for the Applicant, Co-Investigator (if applicable), and Key Personnel. Biographical Sketches should not to exceed five (5) pages.
  • Innovation
    Describe why the proposed research is innovative and a non-incremental step or a departure from your current research program or projects. If you currently hold a grant that overlaps or may be perceived to overlap with the project proposed here, please explain.
  • Research Plan
    A research plan for the proposed project, of not more than six (6) pages, that contains a  summary, specific aims and hypotheses, background and significance, research design and methods, next steps, and literature cited. Please note: Literature cited does not count against the six (6) page limit.
  • Facilities and Collaborations
    Describe institutional facilities and any consultations/collaborations if applicable.
  • Applications from all candidates should also include a letter from the appropriate administrative institutional official confirming the institution’s commitment to the responsible conduct of research, the candidate’s eligibility and good standing, and that, if selected, the candidate would be able to accept the award.